About us

Medical supplies since 2000

Medical service is an Italian company that distributes and sells articles for medication, surgical and medical devices that distributes to hospitals, nursing homes , senior housing, medical offices and clinics.

The entrepreneurial capacity and the thirty-year experience of the founder of the company in this field,  have allowed MS to become leader in high quality medical supplies. Medical services also helps you with a personalized consultation service to satisfy our specific needs.

Our service

The working method used by the Medical Service is focused entirely to satisfy the customers. The company ensures a high level of service, thanks to the continuous innovation and use of the latest technologies to guarantee  professional support.

Buying advice and technical assistance

Scoprite i servizi di consulenza e assistenza tecnica.

Transport and Delivery

Rapidità, precisione, attenzione al cliente: tutta la professionalità e l’esperienza Metal Service per il trasporto e la consegna di forniture sanitarie.

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